Human Resources

Personnel policy is given special consideration at the refinery in order to efficiently manage, develop, and establish a competent and cohesive team unified by common corporate values. The Qazaq Refinery employs approximately 1445 individuals, with young people under the age of 30 constituting one-third of the workforce. Every other employee at the plant has a greater level of education. The average age of refinery employees is 37 years. The success of Qazaq Refinery activity is largely driven by the level of qualifications of its personnel, who are able to respond to changing market requirements in a timely manner in order to meet the enterprise’s established strategic goals and objectives. As a result, one of the top priorities is employee selection.

Qazaq Refinery implemented rules for competitive personnel selection, which provide a transparent system for the search, selection, and adaptation of personnel, in order to achieve an optimal balance of renewal and preservation of the number and quality of personnel in accordance with the needs of the refinery. Applicants for admission must go through the following steps of selection: testing, an interview in a structural unit, and a panel interview at the refinery competition committee. The recruiting process is computerized and uses the “Electronic Recruiting” information system to ensure transparency in the movement of candidates’ resumes at all stages of selection.

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Qazaq Refinery has designed an adaptation program to assist employed workers in adapting to the labor collective, the acceptance of established norms of relationships, and the mastery of the system of professional knowledge and abilities. A personnel reserve has been established to replace managers, specialists, and shift leaders, and the system for their internship, training, and certification has been established. The personnel reserve is kept up to date at all times.

Employees are trained, retrained, and advanced trained as part of the company’s human development program. Appropriate conditions have been created for the implementation of the personnel development program: there are classrooms for theoretical training in all workshops / complexes of the plant, the training center is actively involved in the training process, equipped with new equipment, modern teaching aids, multimedia training complexes for technological processes, and computer training complexes.

The refinery recognizes that its successful future, as well as the preservation of industrial and human traditions, are in the hands of new workers replacing veterans. As a result, special emphasis is made to replenishing the company’s employees with young specialists, university and college graduates who can swiftly adapt to new technologies and grasp new information. Young specialists account for more than one-third of all new hires each year. When a young expert is hired for a job, he or she is assigned a mentor from among the plant’s highly skilled workers who have undergone specialized training. The “Oil Refiners Initiation” ceremony is organized annually to familiarize young specialists with the corporate spirit of the firm.

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