Industrial Safety

Industrial safety is the protection of physical and legal parties, as well as the environment, against the detrimental effects of hazardous production variables. The Qazaq Refinery is a dangerous manufacturing site. Industrial safety expert evaluation and declaration of hazardous manufacturing facility safety is one method of ensuring industrial safety. An industrial safety expert evaluation is performed to ensure that the object meets the defined standards and regulations. Hazardous production facilities must be declared if the possible adverse impacts of hazardous production elements on the population and environment cannot be ruled out. In accordance with this, corporate professionals created the Refinery Safety Statement, which passed expert review and was registered with the appropriate agency.

The primary goal of industrial safety is to prevent and minimize the effects of accidents on hazardous manufacturing facilities. The availability of qualified specialists who match qualification standards also helps to achieve this goal. Qazaq Refinery provides industrial safety training and retraining to its personnel. A system of industrial safety management is a systematic set of administrative decisions, standards, and procedures that carry out and develop actions for risk prevention and compliance with Industrial safety requirements.

The industrial safety management system includes technological and organizational safeguards and ensures the safe operation of equipment according to the observance of safe operation requirements under defined functional conditions. The major goal of the Qazaq Refinery’s industrial safety management system is to create a continuous production control over compliance with industrial safety criteria. Rules on production control in compliance with the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Civil Protection” were prepared for this purpose at the refinery. The following are the tasks of production control in the sphere of industrial safety: enforcing industrial safety requirements on hazardous production facilities, as well as recognizing situations and causes of disorders that impair the security status of work performance.

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